Event photography

Inconspicuously the most conspicuous photos

Event photography is more than just taking pictures of people. Good event photography pictures people, happenings and emotions. This is not easy. The lighting circumstances are often not great during events. However, this is what makes event photography interesting. Producing the most conspicuous photos while attending inconspicuously, with respect for all visitors: that’s the way Sietinga Photography makes the difference.

Looking for an event photographer?

Looking for a photographer for your event? Walter Sietinga will shoot at exhibitions, congresses, receptions, company parties and festivals. So really everywhere an event photographer is needed. Anywhere in the Netherlands and further away if necessary. Walter Sietinga developed his passion for event photography during his time as a photographer for Lukkien. He also photographed ASN Bank corporate events. By now he is the regular event photographer for several corporate and network events in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region

Event photography

Event photography encompasses recording a complete picture, while not excluding emotions, happenings and people. Event photography should give an impression that makes people feel they were there, even if they were not. You do not want events like company parties, exhibitions or other (business) events to pass by unnoticed. Still, photos of the event are not just a fun memory for yourself and the event visitors. Event photography can also be used to promote future events using photo marketing, for instance through social media.

Photographer festival, congress or business event

Do you want a professional photographer to give an impression of your festival, congress or company event? Sietinga Photography photographs any kind of event, from a reception in the company canteen to an event in the Ziggo Dome. Pictures of your festival, congress or company event will be ready for publication within 48 hours. Or faster if necessary. A complete photo book is also possible. Do you need an event photographer? Contact us for more information about the possibilities and costs.


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